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Green Bottle Awareness Day (Relict Bottle Release)

The farm beers of Southern Belgium and Northern France hold a special place for us at Heirloom. Their ability to integrate layers and depth but never sacrifice drinkability formed an early pillar in our brewing philosophy. Last year, we celebrated these old world beers through an event called Green Bottle Awareness. Call it sentimental, traditional, or a simple brewer's integrity, we love packaging these dry effervescent styles in green bottles. This year our friends from Yazoo Brewing CompanySaint Somewhere Brewing Co.Birds Fly South Ale ProjectHourglass BrewingForest & Main Brewing Company and a few others will be setting aside the first Saturday of June to celebrate the green bottle tradition. Read below for specific event details and bottle release information.

Skunking Hour keg releases: Starting at noon we will put two kegs on draft that we specifically stored in the sunniest places in our brewery to capture that green bottle vibe in our draft pours. Our honky tonk buds over at Wirwar Tulsa will be serving up only the finest Belgian eats to make sure that you feel like you've been transported to distant Wallonia. 

Relict Bottle Release: Starting at noon we will also be releasing our very limited green bottle release - Relict. Relict is a French country ale made entirely with European pilsner malt and French hops. Boiled all afternoon for augmented depth and caramelized perspectives, fermented on the cold side for barley and hop bias and conditioned to champagne carbonation levels, abiding dryness and high hopes for meringue pours. Less than 340 bottles available and equally limited draft pours.