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ORCHard apparition

A rye and munich grain base, fermented hot with yeast from Brasserie de Blaugies with Oklahoma hay and fresh-pressed local apple juice added. Open fermented and keg conditioned for Quixotic contemplation. This reminds us of black pepper vines trellised between old stands of mature pecan orchards, sneaking into the molasses facility with a pocket full of sorghum, and throwing ripe pears at unripe apples still hanging in the tree.

7.0% ABV

moon catacomb

A double mashed, extended boil behemoth of a brown ale conditioned on a whole warehouse of Oreo cookies. This beer reminds us of getting to stay at the cool kid’s house with the most lenient parents while we were in middle school, making vanilla bean choker necklaces during Montessori art class, and cacao slip-n-slide parties. 

10.2% ABV

cavern hymn

A Kölsch for cooler months; this beer is more sweater than swimsuit. It reminds us of attic ouija sessions by yellow apple candle light, basement stored copies of Pumpkinhead on VHS, and your favorite hazel blanket on grandmas divan. 

5.4% ABV

tinder resume batch #2

A grain bill composed of dense, bread-y malts and nutty spelt. Dry hopped discreetly with Mittelfrüh during the middle of fermentation, and conditioned on a red honey processed coffee from our neighbors (Fair Fellow). This beer reminds us of repurposing French presses as flower planters, dark chocolate driven desserts out of a Dutch oven, and soaking in secret Cascadian hot springs during the first snowfall of winter.

5.8% ABV

Chapel visitor

A blend of 15 month barrel fermented wild ale, 3 month barrel fermented wild ale, and young stainless saison.This beer reminds us of dipping lemon wedges into lemon curds, drinking Postmodern Chardonnay in a cool climate, and saying the words minerality and salinity repeatedly while swirling custom glassware.

6.3% ABV

morning devotion batch#3

A milk stout built on a myriad of bready, Munich malts, and self actualized through lactose, Fair Fellow cold brew, and supermarket cinnamon. Spiritual experiences include cola baptisms, Tootsie Roll enlightenment, and cinnamon hallucinogens for long weekends in the desert.

6.1% ABV

relict batch #2

A French country ale comprised of a singular type of barley grown on a small family estate and boiled for 10 hours. Fermented with a house ale strain on the frigid side and refermented over the course of 3 months with molasses, Oklahoma sorghum, and house-made candi sugar. Conditioned in the keg for eternal dryness and ardent bubble springs. This beer reminds us of putting cotton candy on the broil setting, taking the stairs to a basement cellar in Dunkirk, and looking around quizzically for the tucked away macaroon bakery that all of the locals talk about.

7.6% ABV

7 Clans batch #2

Brewed with 10 different grains and fermented open in our oak foeder and lagered for weeks in the same vessel. Brewed once a year, in winter. This beer reminds us of walnut lillypads covering the coffee ponds in Yirgacheffe, forgotten plums beginning fermentation in a forgotten leather satchel, and birch beer floats during maple syrup harvest season.

8.6% ABV

bunk acid

An open fermented Oklahoma table beer brewed with Oklahoma barley and Oklahoma wheat, bittered with Oklahoma hops from our friends at Falls Hops Branch in Tahlequah and fermented atop of several pounds of wild hops harvested from an undisclosed location in North Tulsa. Sleep states might include mandarin wedge hammocks, oyster mushroom mattresses, and dried almond sleep masks.

3.3% ABV

The Figure and the vow

This beer is inspired by bottles of white burgundy. Creamy texture from extended contact with the lees, new oak barrels provided from biodynamic wineries from the Willamette Valley impart muscular tannins and coconut and vanilla sensory, heavy use of spelt creates nutty nuance, and our favorite wild culture develops balancing acidity and those notes that make us say things like minerals and flint. Carbonated on the lower end of the spectrum for a more focused exploration.

5.8% ABV

sleep dealer

A smattering of specialty rye, chocolate, and Munich malts fermented at August temperatures with our house Kveik yeast. There were praline puddles with chocolate kiss gravel beds. Rye berries were the only barriers. Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes  were our snorkels. 

9.2% ABV