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Agrarian lights

An open fermented Oklahoma Weisse made with Oklahoma barley, Oklahoma wheat, Oklahoma grown crystal hops and Oklahoma captured yeast. This beer is the first ever commercial batch using entirely Oklahoma grown ingredients. All ingredients were sourced within 127 miles of our brewery. Notes of Meyer lemon portals into further citron domains, Riesling grapes foot pressed on recent vinyl purchases and summer struck country roads after the pot holes have all been filled in.

4.0% ABV


An extremely limited batch of IPA made with a colossal amount of hibiscus flowers and double dry hopped current vintage Motueka and Cashmere. This beer has us reminiscing about putting bags of Raspberry Creme Savers in dryers on high heat, losing your way in pomegranate labyrinths and standing under coconut water shower heads until your fingers prune.

6.4% ABV

Drone Witch

This beer is inspired by the Brut IPA's of San Francisco. Fermented to desert dry levels by a yeast from Lithuania provided by our friend DeWayne Schaaf. Conditioned atop loads of Butterfly Pea Berry for hypnotizing color collages. Double dry hopped with current Huell Melon and Mosaic hops and carbonated explicitly. Notes of blueberry clogged Chambongs and arboretums on the ethereal plane. 

6.6% ABV


A Slavic style peasant beer that is comprised of hardly any hops and high percentages of stale bread. In fact, we used over 100 pounds of rye bread from our friends at Levain for a mere 180 gallon batch. The beer was fermented with several wild and domestic strains of yeast and bacteria, including baker’s yeast. If this beer translated to sleeping arrangements, it might include the following: baguette sleeping bags, lemon zest sleep masks, naps in canoes on brackish waterways, and fresh cut oyster mushroom bed pillows.

3.3% ABV


Morning Devotion

A milk stout built on a myriad of breads Munich malts and self actualized through lactose, Fair Fellow cold brew, and supermarket cinnamon. Spiritual experiences include cola baptisms, Tootsie Roll enlightenment, and cinnamon hallucinogens for long weekends in the desert.

5.8% ABV


plains beer (batch3)

A crisp, refreshing spelt based saison that's fermented with our house wild culture in an open fermenter. Lightly nudged with current vintage Motueka. This beer gives us visions of citrus celestial theme parks, autonomous guava Skee Ball machines, and dehydrated mangos invading papaya occupied co-ops.

6.0% ABV



A triple play lager that gets dry hopped with El Dorado and Chinook hops and cold conditioned for several days for clean, unobstructed views of the Great Lupulin Divide. Notes of: jars of strawberry filled Bon-Bone, from scratch key lime pies from rural communities in central Florida, and experimental avatar therapy conducted by fairy floss and old vine Semillon.

8.4% ABV


tabernacle trance

A straight forward German barley base that gets dry hopped charismatically with 100% current vintage Amarillo hops. Notes include: running over garden cucumbers with a lawn mower, dipping rice crackers in honey and smelling mature chrysanthemums while snacking on grapefruit wedges. 

7.0% ABV


Pastoral Haunt

A British lager inspired by malty cask ales found in traditional English pubs. Notes of rye bread trampolines, graham cracker tree houses and molasses slip-n-slides. 

5.7% ABV