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Jaanihanso - Dry Hopped Cider

We think this is the best cider in the world. It’s that simple. This producer uses farm apples from Estonia and utilizes champagne methods and spontaneous fermentation to produce the most compelling cider we know of. This special dry hopped version incorporates Simcoe hops for fruity aromatics and flavorful depth. Whether you drink wine, cider, or beer we recommend trying this fascinating beverage, we take inspiration from it daily.

6.0% ABV

Ravedeath, 1988

An American Pale Ale fermented with our house Kölsch yeast and drenched with Eureka hops during the middle of fermentation. Visual experiences might include a photosynthesis time-lapse on a cannabis farm, peering through the cucumber kaleidoscope, and futures told through the riesling crystal ball. 

4.7% ABV

Decay waves

A beer brewed with hundreds of pounds of oats to simulate high thread count softness and fermented with house kveik yeast for orchard soliloquies. Dry hopped with a whole warehouse of fresh vintage Simcoe and Amarillo. This beer synthesizes papaya hyperbaric chambers, lychee-induced cryosleep, and the melody of overripe peaches falling from the top branches utilized as guided sound imagery for insomnia reductionism.

7.6% ABV

Florida stories (batch5)

A Mexican Lager brewed with Arkansas grits and fermented with our house lager yeast. Garnished with a surgically precise lime wedge. This beer reminds us of getting sun poisoning on dolphin cruises, meeting bumble dates on wave runners, and living off of boiled peanuts.

54.7% ABV


A plethora of bread-y Munic malts and nutty specialty malts coming together for an autumn-hued festival inspired Märzen. Fermented with our house lager yeast and kept cold and off of the yeast for 3 weeks before serving. Season memories include: Bit-O-Honeys in plastic pumpkins, rye bread pie shells, and harvest hymns shared by brushfire at dusk.

5.8% ABV


A further evolution of our foeder (465 gallon oak vat) fermented pilsner. Drawing inspiration from the early batches of Pilsner Urquell and the hop focus of Tipopils, this beer is brewed with 100% German heritage barley and fermented with our house lager yeast at frigid temperatures in an oak foeder and dry hopped modestly with fresh tettnang. This beer reminds us of butterfly gardens next to the woodfire bagel bakery after the summer thunderstorm has subsided.

4.7% ABV

liminal space

 A Mulberry table beer conditioned with Brettanomyces. Flavor mirages include showering in Natural Falls, rubbing the apples at Reasor’s for people who don’t wash their fruit, and the first beer you snuck from Dad’s fridge. 

4.2% ABV

Hush Carriage

rossing the line between kölsch and IPA is our India Pale Kölsch. Brewed with the same specialty barley as our traditional kölsch, Cavern Hymn, but dry hopped with massive amounts of noble German hops causing the haze and unfiltered appearance of modern IPAs. Different than the tropical, fruit forward hops used in most IPA brewing, these European beauties reach deep into the floralsphere for a profound petal experience. This beer reminds us of immersion blending Hallmark holidays, the flower invoice from a trust fund wedding, and the apology bouquet from forgetting an anniversary date.

5.6% ABV

Phantom garden

A European inspired saison brewed with mostly rye for our friend, Brad Rose. Fermented with our Kölsch strain and our two favorite saison strains. Conditioned in the keg for texture and tradition. Things you forgot to remember about this beer include drinking the entire Philbrook garden out of the cowboy boots you found at Orpha’s, trying the finest brie on the stalest of crackers, and goosing the Olive Garden shaker till the wheels fall off.

6.6% ABV

Cavern hymn

Brewed with German barley and hopped 100% with German Tettnanger. Fermented ice cold with our house kölsch yeast and lagered for several days. This beer reminds us of existing only in petrichor and watching the honeysuckle reach to the sky and the morning glory crawl to the sea. The last wild stream overwhelmed with alpine snow melt.

4.7% ABV

cursed Realms

A blend of two different barrel aged saisons that were aged for 6 months in Oregon and French oak. Conditioned on a wild culture we grew last winter from the final flowers left in the backyard, and dry hopped in the barrel for 4 months with Sterling hops. This beer reminds us of candied eucalyptus, muddled in dark cherry liqueur and finished with a clementine leather garnish. 

7.3% ABV


Our German Pale Lager brewed with 100% Barke Pilsner Malt, bittered with German Mittelfrüh and Tettnang hops, and fermented ice cold with our house German lager yeast. Because of the extremely high carbonation level, each pour will take 3-5 minutes. We appreciate your patience with our bartenders, and think you will find the wait to be a small dividend for the profile and textural experience. Dimension is always reduced to perspective. Time is a laughable apparatus. We reside in the silly bones of experience. All infrastructure for the praise of conscience.

5.1% ABV