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The superstitions

A grain bill that consists of 50% spelt and a touch of smoked malt, hopped with earthy Merkur hops, and lagered for weeks. Keg conditioned in the brut style. This batch takes you to the old wood, to a sweet shop run by a merlin. He slowly fills a burlap sack with cedar aged licorice, chanterelle infused lemon leathers, and the last of his blue spruce lollies. Because of high carbonation levels, please allow servers two minutes per pour.

6.5% ABV

Sacred Field

A modest grain bill and equally modest hopping rates that get open fermented with Norwegian kveik yeast. Towards the end of the boil, we added bags and bags of foraged sumac (don’t worry, it’s not the poisonous kind). Conditioned in the keg and can with the same yeast for carbonation dexterity. You walk into a party. In one corner, there is a table full of fruit cakes, on a separate table your crunchy friend, Marley, is pouring grapefruit trash can punch with eco-conscious rhubarb straws. In the center, a priestess is opening berry hearts and tracing lines on millennial palms. Should I Stay or Should I Go blares violently through estate sale speakers.

5.4% ABV

HEll ale

This pale ale is a collaboration between our Oklahoma City Friends - Stonecloud Brewing Company and Lively Beer Works. The three of us brewed this beer in support of 24 hours of Horseshoe Hell, one of the greatest climbing events in the country. Fermented with Norwegian kveik yeast and dry hopped charismatically with Mandarina Bavaria and Amarillo. Clean, crisp and bright. 

5.4% ABV

Meadow bier

A simple malt bill consisting of German pilsner malt and light Munich malts, battered throughout the boil with German noble hops, and fermented cold with our house lager yeast. Lagered for several weeks in stainless for bright orange glows and profile integration. This beer reminds us of millennial bread binging before keto diets, scoping Bumble dates from the bulk nuts section at Whole Foods, and investing in recycled cola ventures in the Bay Area.

5.8% ABV


A barley backbone of three different base malts and hopped in the kettle with fresh centennial, fermented to complete dryness with a favorite yeast strain, and conditioned on 100 pounds of sour cherry puree. Dry hopped charismatically during the middle of secondary fermentation with current vintage loral hops. This reminds us of preparing for seasonal changes with cherry pie earmuffs, Buddha’s hand mittens, and cinnamon stick scarves.

7.3% ABV

holy dance

A 50% spelt base beer that is hopped with fixation with French Strisselspalt and is open fermented with our favorite lager yeast. After fermentation has stopped, we then open ferment again with our house wild culture. After several weeks in stainless we then keg condition for 4 months with a different yeast from Hornindal. Screen memories might include spending whole paychecks on white Burgundy, forgetting to set the oven timer on pineapple halves, and digging into past-its-prime melon. 

6.2% ABV

morning devotion batch3

A milk stout built on a myriad of bready, Munich malts, and self actualized through lactose, Fair Fellow cold brew, and supermarket cinnamon. Spiritual experiences include cola baptisms, Tootsie Roll enlightenment, and cinnamon hallucinogens for long weekends in the desert.

6.1% ABV

sky islands batch3

Our modern American Saison brewed with a simple grain bill, dry hopped with a judicious amount of Amarillo, fermented with our house saison yeast and conditioned in the keg/bottle with 2 strains of Brettanomyces from a beloved Belgian brewery. This batch reminds us of when we shoplifted kiwi hearts wearing leather jackets, when the last mangos on the window sill got tossed into the microwave on the potato setting, and throwing only the honeydew from a melon salad down the nearest central air vent when mom wasn’t looking. 

6.2% ABV


Our robust winter warmer. We’re releasing this beer with enthusiastic anticipation of seasonal changes, wardrobe shifts, and beer style mood swings. Brewed with 3 types of rye, 4 types of bread-y Munich malts, and a warehouse of oats. Fermented frigid with our house ale yeast. We’re protecting this beer from becoming a base beer and releasing it without adjuncts. This is a small batch, because we sent most of this beer for an extended sleep in freshly emptied Heaven Hill whiskey barrels. This beer reminds us of backcountry dutch oven bread baking classes, tours through the Hershey factory on payday production day, and deep introspection during the hickory portion of dendrology class.

7.2% ABV

cult jam #3

Introducing witchy potion number 67, otherwise known as Cult Jam batch 3. For this particular batch, we used a citrus forward yeast from Norway and dry hopped with mounds of current vintage Citra and Amarillo. This batch reminds us of double-fisting Tang and melted tangerine sno cones, walking through cotton candy mazes on humid October evenings, and eating off brand gummies underneath eucalyptus rainbows.

4.0% ABV

White noise

Our witbier, consisting of 50% spelt (Heritage wheat), fermented open with a Belgian yeast at cold temperatures and fermented again with our wild culture and Trappis brett culture for acid development and dryness. This reminds us of drinking apple cider out of plum mugs, dipping saltine crackers into brine lined mineral water cans, and bowls of honeycomb left next to Willamette Valley crushpads.

4.0% ABV

drude ceremony

The finest pilsner malt, the finest noble hops, and our favorite lager yeast all open fermented in neutral American oak. Conditioned in both oak and stainless at freezing temperatures for natural clarity and for a clean and integrated profile. You’ve waited all summer for that storm that brings the thunder. You’ve washed your most exotic sheets with your most indulgent detergent routine. You’ve opened your favorite bay window by your favorite perennial garden. You’ve found that first edition of that book you never took the time to read but love to hold. There is nothing to do now but to wait.

4.9% ABV