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ORCHard apparition

A rye and munich grain base, fermented hot with yeast from Brasserie de Blaugies with Oklahoma hay and fresh-pressed local apple juice added. Open fermented and keg conditioned for Quixotic contemplation. This reminds us of black pepper vines trellised between old stands of mature pecan orchards, sneaking into the molasses facility with a pocket full of sorghum, and throwing ripe pears at unripe apples still hanging in the tree.

7.0% ABV


Splinter Sleep was one of the first beers we brewed at Heirloom. We took two of our best barrels, which previously held a powerful Willamette Valley chardonnay, and filled them with 95 degree wort and pitched our favorite kveik strain (lida). We then left them in the corner of our cellar for 16 months before dry hopping in the barrel with current vintage Huell melon. The resulting offering is a dry and expressive beer, and our most limited batch to date. This beer has us reminiscing about fruit leather trampolines, Grüner hippity hops, and lemon Nerf guns. 

6.4% ABV

cavern hymn

A Kölsch for cooler months; this beer is more sweater than swimsuit. It reminds us of attic ouija sessions by yellow apple candle light, basement stored copies of Pumpkinhead on VHS, and your favorite hazel blanket on grandmas divan. 

5.4% ABV


Barley and smoked malt in a perfect marriage, lightly hopped, and fermented ice cold with our house lager yeast. Lagered for 7 weeks off of the yeast. This beer reminds us of old growth debris giving way beneath your feet on forgotten PNW paths, campfires put out by spring rains, and the hand-me-down Filson jacket from your park ranger grandpa.

5.7% ABV

SHADOW spell

An English Mild brewed with malted rye, chocolate malt, and ginger purée. Just as refreshing as it is dark in hue. Sense epiphanies may produce ginger snap hexes, nitro brew love charms, and sleep paralysis visits from Arnold Palmer. 

5.2% ABV

DEf surrounds you

A cascara brut pale ale fermented with Lithuanian yeast. Taste visions include galangal root boomboxes, breakdancing floral bouquets, and beatboxing through mouthfuls of black pepper Bubble Yum.

5.2% ABV

double devotion

An imperial version of our crowd favorite - Morning Devotion. Packed full of specialty malts and fermented hot with our house ale yeast for maximum articulation. Conditioned on supermarket cinnamon and gallons of Burundi cold brew from our neighbors at Fair Fellow Coffee.

9.1% ABV

7 Clans batch #2

Brewed with 10 different grains and fermented open in our oak foeder and lagered for weeks in the same vessel. Brewed once a year, in winter. This beer reminds us of walnut lillypads covering the coffee ponds in Yirgacheffe, forgotten plums beginning fermentation in a forgotten leather satchel, and birch beer floats during maple syrup harvest season.

8.6% ABV

Dream theater

Barley from a small farm in Germany. Hops from the Alsace region of France. Fermented at frigid temperatures with our house lager yeast. Dry hopped in the middle of fermentation with more fresh strisselspalt. This kellerbier is not lagered, so unlike most lagers it is hazy from yeast still in suspension and slightly fruity from fresh fermentation. Watch and taste this beer change over the coming weeks with us. You walk through the rose hip maze. You take the brook to the hidden spring. The baker leaves the window open. The apricots lose their shape in the sun. 

5.7% ABV

The Figure and the vow

This beer is inspired by bottles of white burgundy. Creamy texture from extended contact with the lees, new oak barrels provided from biodynamic wineries from the Willamette Valley impart muscular tannins and coconut and vanilla sensory, heavy use of spelt creates nutty nuance, and our favorite wild culture develops balancing acidity and those notes that make us say things like minerals and flint. Carbonated on the lower end of the spectrum for a more focused exploration.

5.8% ABV

sleep dealer

A smattering of specialty rye, chocolate, and Munich malts fermented at August temperatures with our house Kveik yeast. There were praline puddles with chocolate kiss gravel beds. Rye berries were the only barriers. Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes  were our snorkels. 

9.2% ABV

low tide

An obscure style from the Westphalia region of Germany. Edging towards dark in color without the roast or dark malt astringency. Fermented with Germany ale yeast and our house kölsch yeast, bittered firmly with fresh Hallertau, over 40 pounds of oyster shells from our friends at Peacemaker added at boil, and lagered for weeks after fermentation. This beer reminds us of eating low percentage cacao bars on exposed gravel beds during the last days of honeysuckle season. 

4.8% ABV