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A French style saison named after the finishing city of the 2018 Tour de France. Roubaix was fermented with French saison yeast lending to a dry, peppery finish. Dry hopped with German Calista to give notes of peaches and dried apricots.

4% ABV


A basic barley recipe fermented by a sluggish tropical yeast and dry-hopped with current vintage Azacca and Citra. This batch reminds us of a dream where all Bartlett pear trees morphed into Panamanian red passionfruit, motorized boats on lake Keystone were sugar spun into guava sails on a balmy dreamsicle sea, and construction cones transformed into lychee heavy snow cone shacks.

4.0% ABV

florida stories

 A Mexican lager brewed with Arkansas grits and rice and lagered for clarity and stylistic similarity. Total production time of 5 weeks. Notes of rock quarries before a thunderstorm, your neighbor opening a bag of blue corn chips, and a matchstick 2 hours after the last flame has burnt out.

4.0% ABV

Morning Devotion

A milk stout built on a myriad of breads Munich malts and self actualized through lactose, Fair Fellow cold brew, and supermarket cinnamon. Spiritual experiences include cola baptisms, Tootsie Roll enlightenment, and cinnamon hallucinogens for long weekends in the desert.

5.8% ABV

the unforeseen

A pampered and fussed over Czech style lager. The most expensive grain, a tedious hop schedule and fermented freezing cold in an open fermenter. This beer reminds us of spring water sprinklers, irrigating adolescent lilac in new born clay and eating stone fired plain bagels on dew touched flagstone paths.

4.0% ABV

Honorable mention

A wild fermented wheat base beer conditioned atop 150 pounds of guava purée. This reminds us of  Panama pectin parties, champagne mangos dipped in champagne, and that one time you woke up during a permanent stay at the all inclusive guava resort.


STICKy Witch

A heavily wheated IPA conditioned on a bouquet of peaberry flowers for an Aurora Borealis color effect. Double dry hopped with current vintage Simcoe and Citra. This reminds us of long lost wars fought with white nectarine trebuchets, pineapple maces and cane sugar long swords.

7.2% ABV


A tidy grain bill boiled for a much shorter amount of time than our other beers. Plenty of noble bitterness to create just enough texture and fermented open with a dead guy’s yeast from Norway. Buckets of green tea and bags of Kendall Whittier foraged Bald Cypress tips. Added notes of Meyer Lemon chips submerged in a honey pot, juniper branch garnished fresh squeezed orange juice, and a raw almond flour next to a fresh tea brew.

4.0% ABV

Gypsy Friends

A dry, effervescent saison that gets dry hopped singularly with Hallertau Blanc. This beer reminds us of getting rescued on rafts made of hay bales, island fishing with lemongrass, and candles made of ponderosa pine sap.

5.7% ABV

cloud carnival

A heavily wheated and oated double IPA. Dry hopped extensively with current vintage mosaic, and naturally carbonated for soft textures and layers. This has us thinking about the first few seconds of fruit stripe gum becoming infinite, long walks in kaffir lime groves, and extended sleeps in tangelo hyperbaric chambers.

8.2% ABV

pool toy

A wild, open fermented wheat beer conditioned on heaps of sour cherry puree with just the right amount of salt added to create a refreshing amount of salinity. This beer reminds us of dressing in all leathers, filling a picnic basket full of Bings, and watching the tide roll in.

4.0% ABV